August 2009

5th & Main Condo Project loses crucial FHA backing
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This article entitled “5th & Main loses crucial FHA backing” appeared in the Nashville Business Journal on August the 7th, 2009. The author is Jenny Burns:   "East Nashville’s 5th &...
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Velocity’s Bristol Development Sues CSX for $2.5 mil
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Velocity in the Gulch This article entitled “Gulch condo development sues CSX” appeared in the Nashville Post on July the 31th, 2009. The author is Kyle Swenson: "The Velocity, the newest piece...
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Tennessee’s Unemployment Rate Hits 10.8%
From the Nashville Business Journal this past Thursday: "Tennessee's unemployment rate for June rose to 10.8 percent, up 0.1 percentage point from the May rate, the state Department of Labor...
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Blog has moved to
So I began using Blogger way back in 2005 and was very, very loyal until I finally could not optimize this blog platform any further. I found that I was...
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