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furnsihed nashville airbnb for sale Mason Lofts is a luxury 14 unit condominium style building that offers furnished Airbnbs for sale in the West End neighborhood. Located at 119 Mason Avenue in Nashville, Mason Lofts is ideally located in a quiet and calm community, but within walking distance of dozens of attractions, restaurants, stores and Centennial Park. Mason Lofts provides the opportunity to live like a local with the convenience, service, and mindful luxury of a hotel. Mason Lofts provides bright, spacious spaces with high ceilings, minimalist design and Mid-century Modern accents. All condos are equipped with keyless locks, state-of-the-art appliances, smart TVs, high-speed wifi and a dedicated workspace – making it the perfect urban sanctuary for families, couples, and executives.

Mason Lofts is designed as a 3 story, 14 unit Airbnb condo building sitting atop a 28 space gated parking garage. But Mason Lofts is much more than just a building – it’s a blissful lifestyle hotel experience with incredibly large units that dazzle and amaze. It’s really the staff that make this diamond shine brightest. Melissa Dorange and her team at Humming Host give every guest the service and attention of a 5 star property. In fact, Mason Lofts has earned more than 50 five star ratings this year alone!

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Furnished Airbnbs for Sale

Address Beds Baths Loft Sq Ft Price
119 Mason Ave #201 2 2 N 1,195 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #202 2 2 N 1,225 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #203 1 1.5 N 1,000 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #204 2 2 N 1,080 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #205 2 2 N 1,110 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #206 1 1 N 791 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #207 2 2 N 982 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #301 2 2 N 1,195 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #302 4 3 Y 1,956 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #303 3 2.5 Y 1,600 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #304 4 4 Y 1,797 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #305 2 2 N 1,110 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #306 2 2 Y 1,151 SOLD
119 Mason Ave #307 3 3 Y 1,292 SOLD

* prices and terms are subject to change at anytime

HOA documents, site plan, floor plans, interior finishes, certificate of insurance, Airbnb rental pro formas and other due diligence materials are available upon request.

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Past Performance and Future Bookings

Mason Lofts Income PerformanceIt’s rare to have the opportunity to purchase an operating Airbnb in Nashville and it’s absolutely unheard of to have the opportunity to purchase 14 units. For Mason Lofts, 2021 has been a rocket ship ride to the top. As the country again began moving about, the management team tripled revenues in the space of only 5 months. What might be even more astonishing are the future bookings. As of August 12, there is $225,876 of future revenue already booked! Our managers continue to book new guests daily and over the last month has been averaging 3.2 new bookings every single day, a remarkable number.

View past operating income data separated by unit
View future operating income data separated by unit

Mason Lofts Airbnb Management

Mason Lofts Airbnb management

Mason Lofts is managed by Humming Host, a company owned and operated by Melissa Dorange. Rather than spending 5 paragraphs detailing Melissa’s work at extraordinary hotels in Paris, London and NYC, we’ll let you read all about it on her LinkedIn page. It’s important for you to know that this property is not operated like a typical scattered site Airbnb in Nashville. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Mason Lofts is run and staffed more similarly to a boutique luxury hotel. It’s not just that every guest is met by the Humming Host team, guests have a concierge style experience that is curated every step of the way by a team of savvy professionals. All of this is included within Humming Host’s 16% management fee.

Mason lofts advertises on more than 20 platforms including Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Expedia and HomeToGo, but we also book directly through our own website. In fact, more than 25% of our total 2021 bookings came directly through our website saving owners thousands in 3rd party booking fees!

As an Airbnb owner at Mason Lofts, you can rest assured that your environmental impact has been considered. We offer composting, recycling, zero waste amenities, and clean transit options to all our guests. By owning at Mason Lofts you are also supporting Nashville ecotourism, in which Mason Lofts strongly encourages and believes. To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, visit our website.

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