Downtown Nashville

Condo developments in downtown NashvilleThe downtown Nashville condo market is defined by the area located between the Capital building to the North, the Cumberland River to the East, Gateway bridge and Korean Veterans Parkway to the south, and 10th Avenue to the West. The downtown core offers a plethora of boutique turn of the century urban lofts that are tucked away in very unique and copacetic places. Of course, there are also several brand new super high-rises with ridiculous panoramic views in downtown Nashville too. The remarkable variety of available styles will tantalize you with many difficult, yet incredible choices.

Condo developments in downtown Nashville

Ambrose LoftsChurch Street LoftsAmbrose LoftsChurch Street LoftsPhoenix LoftsArt Avenue LoftsEncoreThe QuartersBennie Dillon LoftsThe ExchangeViridianCumberland PenthousesThe KressWatauga

Downtown Nashville is home to Nashville’s tallest condo building in the Virdian as well as home to one of the most unique land marks in The Kress, which used to be one of downtown’s only department stores. Almost all of the above condos and lofts are located in the central business district; however, the Encore is located in Sobro – or South of Broadway. Downtown Nashville condo prices can fluctuate quite widely, but the walk ability coupled with newness of this market can be quantified using historic comps and by utilizing certain economic markers. In short, the pure residential diversity, ranging from historic exposed brick industrial lofts to ultra contemporary sleek condos, make this market hard to valuate in broad categorical terms. One must really get to know each condo and loft development in order to fully understand and appreciate their present and long term intrinsic and monetary value.

Condo developments in Nashville

Proposed condo developments in downtown Nashville

Almond Street Lofts

Signature Tower

The Sobro

Symphony Tower

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