A little Weekday Nashville Nightlife

If you’re look’in to have a great time, you’ve moved to the right town! Nashville is absolutely packed with things that will entertain you after the sun goes down, from some of the world’s best country music to the hippest night clubs this side of NYC!

If you’ve just finished a hard day of work in downtown Nashville and want to stop in a place to grab a cold one, I would check out Buffalo Billiards on Second Avenue. High ceilings, a super large bar, tons of pool tables, and lots of space make this an ideal spot to relax and unwind for a bit. The after work scene is mostly young professionals and the occasional tourist, but beware, once 9 or 10 rolls around there will be more tourists than locals, especially on Friday nights during the spring and summer.

If you happen to be in the Cool Springs or the Brentwood area, I would head to Jonathan’s Bar and Grille located just south of Cool Springs Galleria. The scene is pretty similar to Buffalo Billiard’s with the exception of the plentiful pool tables and you get to avoid the tourist factor. Check out trivia night on Tuesday nights for a little added excitement to your after work beer.

For a more comprehensive list of places to go and things to do, check out my Nashville links and my personal favorites things in Nashville pages. And as always, if you need a recommendation, just ask!

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