Auburn Football National Champions Video

This certainly does not pertain to real estate, but as an Auburn man, this video was too well produced to not proudly display on my website.

I Believe in Auburn and Love It

The 2010 Auburn Football season was one I will probably never forget. I suspect that I’ll be telling my son and grandchildren about it until the day I die. As part of the Auburn family I am sure you too understand just how special this season was and always will be. It was the season we saw Bo Jackson return to Pat Dye field and kiss Michael Dyer’s sweaty head as he broke Bo’s freshman season rushing record. It was the season was saw a quarterback find an unknown gear to accelerate past the best defensive player in the country. It was the season we came back from a 24-0 deficit at Bryant-Denny Stadium as the sky turned a gorgeous shade of burnt orange. It was the season in which a Heisman trophy winner stood at the podium in the Downtown Athletic Club and realized what it meant to be part of a family. It was the season Oregon Duck fans showed up in shorts and tee shirts while we dawned our button downs and sun dresses. This was Auburn’s season. It was our season and I am forever grateful.

2010 Iron Bowl Burnt Orange Sky

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Orange Sky over Bryant Denny Stadium