City Living Versus Suburban Living

Best Luxury Penthouses for SaleAn Op-ed by Kathleen Hubert:

Living in the city compared to the suburbs can be quite a different experience. One of the main differences you would notice when living in the city is the population density. Compared to a suburban area, cities usually have a much higher concentration of people and depending on your preferences, this could be exciting or an annoyance.

Less populated suburban areas have been described as a more calm and serene environment. Large concentrations of people result in a more fast-paced lifestyle, so if you do not wish to be a part of the hustle and bustle then a suburban area is recommended for you. Another rather large difference between the city and a suburban area can be the cleanliness of the area. Cities tend to “have a little more character” on the streets than in a suburb, however the lobbies of hotel and office buildings also tend to be more luxurious.

Depending on the size and age of your family, you can determine whether a city or a suburban area would be the better choice for you. Suburban areas are usually geared towards raising younger children, while city life is better suited for those who wish to have easy access to any area you may visit frequently. Although it may not seem possible, living in the city can also provide you with a better education. Most universities and highly regarded schools are located in areas of high traffic in order to receive more applicants. However, those who live in a suburban area can still attend these schools, it would simply be a longer commute.

While cities may be compact and uncomfortable at times, they provide an enormous amount of convenience. Cities will cluster important places close together, making it less of a hassle to go out and run daily errands. They have higher concentrations of libraries, parks, restaurants, transportation, retail, museums and other culturally significant destinations.

One drawback – it can be next to impossible to save money in the city. As a result of the basic density of the city, land prices and construction costs are typically quite high leading to elevated prices for apartments and high-rise condos. Compared to a highly populated city area, suburban area living expenses have been proven to be much less expensive.

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