Connect with Real Estate Agents on Facebook

Condos for Sale near Vanderbilt UniversityI know what I am suggesting appears to fly in the face of the inherent secrecy within the real estate community, but real estate agents should connect with each other on Facebook. Yes, I know that you are friends with your clients on Facebook and you fear that I am going to sift through your Facebook friends in the middle of the night to ferret out a prospect or two. But, you must realize that 99% of Realtors respect your agent/client relationship…and the rest of us are too busy to spend that kind of time sorting through your beer guzzling college pals and funny looking cousins from Arkansas for a client (only kidding).

Hear me out – Facebook presents real estate agents with one of the most powerful free tools available to our industry – the power to network outside of our normal purview. Let me give you an example: last month I reconnected with a past client who wants to acquire several Burger Kings in the Northeastern United States. Clearly, I am a real estate broker in Nashville and have no knowledge of real estate, let alone, Burger King availability in New York or Pennsylvania, so I post the following status update: “I have a Burger King approved franchisee who would like to purchase 5-10 existing locations in the Northeast USA. Will need 2 years of P&L statements. Serious buyer.” You can probably guess the rest of the story, but I’ll tell you anyway. A commercial broker in Philly responds with her phone number and asks me to call. I pick up the phone and whammo, I am now working a several million dollar purchase that I NEVER would have had access to without Facebook.

Facebook can be a Realtor’s Best Friend

Granted, not every real estate agent’s primary use of Facebook is for business, but there are tens of thousands that do and I suggest that you friend them immediately. While you may never need a commercial broker in Philly or an ultra luxury specialist in Maui, you also never know where your next deal or referral may lead you.

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