The Current Real Estate Climate in Nashville

Attention residential buyers, with more than 20,000 properties on the market, we are in the largest buyer’s market since the mid-nineties in Middle Tennessee! The Fed just bailed out lenders by lowering their borrowing rate this week so now there are plenty of low interest fixed rate mortgages available. Add these two ingredients together and you have the perfect recipe for purchasing Nashville real estate for record prices. This is the time to go after that dream home you have always wanted or to purchase that downtown Nashville condo to use for weekends and football games. Recently, we have been involved in several bulk investor purchases in and around town as our Nashville investment property base has grown to include many West Coast and East Coast individuals, groups, and institutions.

Still don’t think that you can qualify for the right home loan? Simply put, there are literally hundreds of loan products out there and we can help you sort through the programs. You should contact Melissa Boudreaux with Countrywide Home Loans in Cool Springs – Melissa is the #1 source for Nashville homes loans and mortgages. She will walk you through the rates, payments, discounts, and show you how you will save money on a fixed rate mortgage without having to worry about mortgage scams, unstable subprime lenders, or balloon payments.

What about Nashville commercial property buyers? Great news for you, Nashville is currently ranked #6 in the United States for purchase price, rates of return, and ability to sell for a profit within the next 5 years. Nashville is growing at a phenomenal rate and there is a decided lack of commercial, retail, and industrial property in downtown. Currently owners are receiving $25-30 a foot for prime retail space and $20-25 a foot for second tier space. There is hardly any availability and there appears to be no end to the market’s appetite. Our commercial property managers and commercial real estate brokers are a large reason for our success in Nashville commercial property management.

So what are your next few steps? You need to get online and start searching for homes in Nashville. We offer a free MLS search option that allows you to establish auto searches, save favorite properties or even ask us for additional info with the click of a button. We look forward to serving all of your real estate needs!

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