Vote No on HB 3528 in Tennessee, Urgent

Luxury Condos for Sale in BrentwoodOn Wednesday, March 7, the Tennessee House State and Local Government subcommittee will vote on HB 3528, which exempts municipal, county and state governments from paying HOA fees and assessments by homeowner associations following a delinquent tax sale. This bill is similar to HB 2430 which was scheduled for a vote last week, but no action was taken after Bill sponsor Rep. Judd Mathney realized he did not have support for the bill to pass, and he deferred action.

Although using language slightly different from HB 2430, HB 3528, threatens property values and HOAs by exempting municipal, county and state governments from the obligation to pay fees and assessments any time such government acquires the property through a delinquent tax sale. HB 3528 limits the exemption period to 24-months.

How to Take Action

No other state in the United States gives local governments this exemption from HOA fees and assessments. Thus, it is imperative that our legislators hear from homeowners and industry professionals. Please contact members of the House State and Local Government Committee and ask them to OPPOSE HB 3528 on March 7, 2012.

Thank you for helping us communicate that we will not allow the Tennessee legislature to not unduly burden its constituents with fees that are the responsibility of the true owner of the real estate, not matter who the owner.

Click here to see a copy of the letter I sent to the Tennessee House State and Local Government Subcommittee.

(Note: Ryan Haynes is the Bill sponsor and the Committee Chairman)

Ryan Haynes (R-Knox) 615-741-2264
Tommie Brown (D-Chatt.) 615-741-4374
Jim Cobb (R-Chatt.) 615-741-1450
Gerald McCormick (R-Chatt.) 615-741-2548
Larry Miller (D-Memphis) 615-741-4453
Bob Ramsey (R-Maryville) 615-741-3560
Currey Todd (R-Memphis) 615-741-1866
Mike Turner (D-Nashville) 615-741-3229
Kent Williams (CCR-Elizabethon) 615-741-7450
Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) 615-741-0709