Nashville: The 20th Century in Photographs
I just caught the first hour of "Nashville: The 20th Century in Photographs" on NPT and cannot wait to see the next few hours! It was strange to learn that...
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2 Year Analysis of Nashville Condo Prices
The above graph shows a median price analysis compared to the average inventory held for the Nashville condo market since the first quarter of 2007 through the second quarter of...
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Medical Trade Center May Come to Nashville
This article entitled “Dallas company plans huge medical trade center in Nashville” appeared in the Tennessean on May the 18th, 2009. The author is Naomi Snyder:"A subsidiary the real estate...
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Nashville Tax Assessment Reappraisal Deadline
This article entitled “Reappraisal review deadline nears” appeared in the Tennessean on May the 10th, 2009. The author is Jenny Upchurch:"Property owners in Davidson County can get an informal review...
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2009 Relocation Forecast Lower Than Expected
That’s the conclusion reported last week by Atlas Van Lines. According to their annual Corporate Relocation Survey, companies are cutting their relocation budgets as well as the number of people...
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The Gulch in Nashville Featured in USA Today
This article entitled “Nashville works to liven The Gulch” appeared in the USA Today on April the 8th, 2009. Larry Copeland wrote:"NASHVILLE - For decades it was little more than...
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