The commercial real estate markets have begun a renaissance in Nashville, TN. With the advent of a bold one billion dollar construction project in downtown Nashville that will bring an 800 key Omni Hotel, expand the Country Music Hall of Fame and create a new Convention Center, retailers have taken notice. Additionally, what was once considered a widely overbuilt downtown residential market, has now become the most desired part of town for Millennials, Dinks, professionals and retirees alike. This resurgence had led to rising rental rates, very low vacancy rates and surprisingly low CAP rates on multifamily sales over the past several months. It is within this urban infill segment that we predict the greatest growth over the next decade in Nashville, both in stabilized commercial real estate and multifamily.

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The way one identifies, evaluates, views and secures commercial real estate has fundamentally changed over the past half decade. Before, the largest companies had autonomous control over many ‘portfolio’ properties in Nashville. If you, the client, did not have a direct relationship with a particular company, you likely could never be aware of property’s existence until it was sold or leased. With the recent proliferation of co-brokering, brokers now have a greater ability to individually seek out all applicable properties within a particular client’s data set, no matter the listing company. When choosing representation in Nashville, your greatest decision lies with the individual and his personal abilities and relationships, not the company and theirs. It is with my keen eye for value and ability to move decisively that I offer representation that will best serve your business. I link your profitability with my strategy, risk evaluation and research to arrive at smarter locations, purchases and lease structures.


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