5th and Main Condos are Taking Offers

5th and main condos in nashville

In case anyone is interested in picking up a Nashville condo on the cheap, the 5th & Main condo project is now taking offers. What do I mean by offers? I mean that the entire project has been taken back by the bank and the bank wants to sell off the remaining condos as fast as possible, that kind of offer. The project is complete and the condos are being purchased completed as well. Hurry before the best ones are gonzo! For more purchase information, call Grant 615-945-7123.
Rental rates in the building are strong, 1 bedroom condos are averaging $1,000 and 2 bedroom condos are averaging $1,600. Investors who have sat on the sidelines, here is you chance to get in the game! Summit Property Management, the #1 property management company in Nashville, has agreed to waive the advertising fee for new 5th & Main purchasers.