Coda Development Sells Condo Site 112 Harding Place

112 Harding Place condo development

Coda Development has sold 112 Harding Place to neighboring Harding Academy for $1 million. Coda had acquired the 1.13 acre site back in April of 2007 with the intentions of building a 14 unit luxury condo project aptly named 112 Harding. This development would have been Belle Meade’s first new condo project since 1985 and one of Nashville’s most expensive in this area.

Upon checking the development’s website for further information on pricing, it had been disabled. However, the condos were listed in the MLS as preconstruction sales:

 112 Harding comps

When questioned, Harding Academy asserted that, “the lot would continue to be used as overflow parking” and that no building expansion is currently planned.

The design for 112 Harding Place was to be very similar to Coda Development’s nearby project called The Whitney. The Whitney is a 15 unit luxury condo building located on Crestmoor Road in Green Hills and has not sold as well as the developers had hoped. Looking at the MLS, 4 condos have been sold and 11 remain available for sale. As one would imagine, the 2 most recent sales where discounted sales whereas the first 2 sales were not. Combined, the last two buyers received an average of $81,000 off the asking price.

Whitney Closed Comps