Velocity in the Gulch Sold Condos 2010

As promised to a reporter who called today, here is the current list of sold condos for the Velocity in the Gulch. Clearly, the momentum has vanished in this project as a result of the ownership restructuring and loss of high LTV financing options for new buyers. The rumor mills continue to churn as other large projects like Rolling Mill Hill and 5th & Main fall. Personally, I am not advising any of my clients to purchase in this project at this time as I sense the winds of change gaining energy. However, I still believe Velocity in the Gulch to be an excellent entry level condo community that can thrive in the future given the correct circumstances.

Condos for Sale in Green Hills

What’s next for the Velocity Development

Rather than speculate at this time, I am going to sit this one out and diligently observe.

Note: I have been told that I am missing 1 sale. I will verify when I hand pull deeds at the end of the month.

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