I Trust and Need Your Opinion

Trusted friends, family and clients, I am in need of an honest opinion. For the last several months I have been John Kerrying (flip-flopping) over which new logo I am going to use to brand my business. I keep finding reasons not to pick one and move forward and so I am in need of a more sane opinion, yours (yes, I have driven myself insane over this decision). Both logos are very similar, but oh so different. I am showing you these with a black background because the very first place I am plastering it is on the side of my Hummer. Please vote by leaving a comment (keep it clean kiddos). At the end of the week, the populous shall have spoken and Grant Hammond’s real estate business shall finally have its new printed identity!

Logo Option #1

Best Penthouses for Sale in Green Hills

Logo Option #2

Penthouses for Sale in Green Hills

Thank you very much for breaking the tie between me and myself. BTW – don’t be shy about giving suggestions on how these logos could be improved.