Williamson County Ranks 3rd of 3,141 for Future Jobs

Penthouses for Sale in Belle MeadeWashington, DC research firm Woods & Poole Economics, Inc. expects Williamson County to add 170,000 jobs over the next 30 years – more than all but two other counties in the United States.

Ahead of Williamson County are Loudoun County, Virginia and Douglas County, Colorado. Loudoun County is part of the Washington, DC metropolitan area and ranks as the #1 wealthiest county in the United States. Douglas County is part of the Denver metropolitan area and ranks as the #3 fastest growth county in the United States, increasing 64% in the last decade.

Current Williamson County, TN Rankings

According to the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau, the current population of Williamson County is 171,452. While doubling the number of jobs in Williamson County may seem a tad farfetched, consider that the countywide population 30 years ago was a mere 59,975. The recent explosive growth of Cool Springs with the relocation of multiple Corporate Headquarters coupled with the highest rated public school system in Tennessee seems to suggest that we may indeed experience an era of outstanding economic growth.

Williamson County ranks as the #17 wealthiest county in the United States, #1 in the Southeastern United States and #1 in Tennessee. Boasting an increasing median household income of $88,316, Williamson County could jump to #12 on this list with a nominal $2,000 per household increase. This jump seems likely as much of the predicted job growth is in the white collar sector.

Williamson County ranks as the #68 fastest growing county in the United States, #1 in Tennessee – growing by 31% between 2000 and 2008. It seems fairly certain that Williamson County will continue to climb on this list.

williamson county tennessee map

Williamson County Real Estate Prediction

While it remains very difficult to predict the precise growth or decline of housing prices, volume, inventory and starts, it does appear safe to predict that Williamson County real estate should continue to recover over the next few years. The long-term outlook looks quite bright as you consider the next 30 years of predicted job growth, but the short-term outlook also looks healthy  – Williamson County ended 2010 with home sales 15% higher than in 2009.

High-end neighborhoods like the Governors Club and Annandale in Brentwood each recorded 2010 sales higher than each of the previous 2 years. Mid-range neighborhoods like Fieldstone Farms in Franklin and Chapman’s Retreat in Spring Hill also experienced year over year price and sales increases.