Foreclosed Homes in Murfreesboro

foreclosures in murfreesboro

murfreesboro foreclosure homes

buy foreclosures in murfreesboro, TN

These three foreclosed homes in Murfreesboro range between 2,300 square feet and 2,600 square feet and are in the desirable Blackman School District. They are 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath with 2 car garages and are brand spanking new. So what’s the story? The story is that we bought these homes pre-foreclosure from a super-regional bank for pennies on the dollar! My client has already flipped and closed one of the homes and is working on fixing up the second two in order to put on the market at a superior discount. The probable profit on these three homes is in the $95,000 to $110,000 range.

How do you find these type of foreclosures in Murfreesboro and the sounding area? The answer is simple. These homes never hit the foreclosure wire, were never posted on any website, and were never put on any list. You have to contact me! I have a direct line into the Special Assets departments of 3 super regional banks and 5 local banks. These banks “float” the opportunities by me first!

Call me today to get on my investor list: Grant Hammond 615-945-7123 or email me. I even have access to entire subdivisions in Nashville and the surrounding areas! Serious investors please: if you don’t have the capability to close in less than a week the opportunity will pass you by.

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