Short Sales, REO, and Foreclosures Rise in Nashville

A new article by Marylyn Schwartz on RisMedia’s website addresses a topic that’s inescapable in the current economic downturn: short sales. Ms. Schwartz interviews an experienced attorney, Rick Cowle, about the procedures and pitfalls involved in the short sale process.

MBS: Rick, you and I have worked with REO (real estate owned) properties and with sellers in all phases of foreclosure in the past. We’ve seen markets deal with the onslaught of short sales and foreclosures 15 years ago, but nothing comes close to what we are seeing today. The volume and rapidity of the properties cropping up is unparalleled. What advice do you have for the agents out there struggling to assist people fraught with problems?

RC: While it may be easier said than done, it is important to consult an expert. There are resources out there available to the public such as the Housing and Urban Development website, free credit counseling services, attorneys with extensive experience with distressed seller issues, etc. It is even possible to use Google to find attorneys who advertise their credentials as distressed property experts. The thing never to do is to give advice or guidance when you are not qualified to do so. Taking a three-hour short-sale class does not make one an expert on giving advice on the short-sale process. However, there is much that an agent can do in concert with an attorney. I always advise agents to help the seller find a Nashville attorney before they do anything else.”

If you do move towards auctioning your distressed home, be sure you find an expert Nashville real estate auction company. This importance cannot be overstated.