Williamson County is one of America’s Wealthiest Counties

williamson county tennessee homesForbes outlined the 25 wealthiest counties and interestingly enough, the east coast dominates the list and shows that the urban areas are not where the biggest paychecks are landing in the new decade. Ah, but look who else is climbing up the list…Williamson County. Thanks to a healthcare business that continues to grow and a stable executive base, Brentwood and Franklin are leading the charge up the wealth ladder. This news is surprising to many except for those of us who live here.

25 Richest Counties in the United States in 2010

1. Loudoun County, VA
2. Fairfax County, VA
3. Howard County, MD
4. Hunterdon County, NJ
5. Somerset County, NJ
6. Fairfax City, VA
7. Morris County, NJ
8. Douglas County, CO
9. Arlington County, VA
10. Montgomery County, MD
11. Nassau County, NY
12. Stafford County, VA
13. Calvert County, MD
14. Prince William County, VA
15. Putnam County, NY
16. Goochland County, VA
17. Williamson County, TN
18. Marin County, CA
19. Santa Clara County, CA
20. Forsyth County, GA
21. Charles County, MD
22. Summit County, UT
23. Alexandria City, VA
24. Chester County, PA
25. Suffolk County, NY

According to the author, “It makes sense that suburban median incomes tend to beat out big cities; workers earning big metropolitan incomes look for top-tier schools and space to settle with their families, thus pulling up median incomes in small bedroom communities.” Brentwood and Franklin are no exception. The Williamson County school system has been the top ranked public school system in the state of Tennessee for more than 2 decades.

Williamson County Demographics

Population: 165,336

Median Household Income: $88,316.00

Percent of Residents 25 or Older with Bachelor’s Degree or Higher: 53%