Fewer Families Relocated in 2008

RISMeadia states: Data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that only 12% of Americans changed residences in 2008 and 13% the prior year, down from over 20% mobility per year from the 1950s to the mid-1960s.

A poll by the Pew Research Center shows that 60% of Americans have moved one or more times. However, over 33% remain in their hometowns, and 57% have stayed in their state of origin. Of those characterized by Pew as “movers,” almost 40% say they are not living in their “heart home.”

Pew says Americans are not moving as often because two-career couples cannot easily find new jobs in another location, and an increase in the older population also has decreased mobility. The study indicates that “movers” tend to have college degrees and often cannot find a job in their hometowns. Fewer relocations seems reasonable to me and does not raise any alarm in my mind.