Nashville Baseball Stadium Proposal

The following is just an excerpt from my page dedicated to bringing a baseball stadium/music venue to Nashville’s riverfront park. Please post comments and suggestions below!

“The total site is approximately 16 acres of prime riverfront land and it needs to be used in such a manner that all Nashville citizens can enjoy the space (which has been fenced off for a decade). My proposal is very simple in theory and design, but very versatile in use: Modify the original 11,000 seat baseball stadium design in order to allow for a movable stage to roll out into the middle of the baseball diamond for concerts, add a 500 space parking structure to the Shelby Street side of the stadium, and construct a series of smaller parks connecting the stadium to the traditional riverfront area. If our Government’s true objective is to rejuvenate and revitalize the entire riverfront area, this is the most effective use of this space, period.

Specifically, the stadium should be built in the ‘old world’ tradition. All brick facades should grace its entrances and spacious concourses should usher in the fans while the experience inside should rival Fenway Park. Build a 3 story parking structure on the Shelby bridge side using the same brick architecture. The structure should stretch the entire length of the right field line and house a minimum of 500 parking spaces. Luxury suites, the press box, restaurants, bars, and lounge areas should be built atop the parking structure and provide easy access to both parking and the stadium. This extended structure will also house the movable performance stage with electronics and allow for exceptionally fast set up. The stadium should also offer baseball fans what they expect: home runs that splash in the Cumberland River, world-class amenities, and, most importantly, the signature guitar shaped video score board.

A series of small parks, a central fountain, walking trails, and picnic areas will connect the baseball stadium to the riverfront and offer Nashvillians a place to meet for lunch or to play on the weekend. Special attention should be paid to ensure that these parks are not high maintenance, are safe, and are as versatile as the stadium itself.”

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