Nashville Tax Assessment Reappraisal Deadline

This article entitled “Reappraisal review deadline nears” appeared in the Tennessean on May the 10th, 2009. The author is Jenny Upchurch:

“Property owners in Davidson County can get an informal review of their new appraisal values through Friday. But the assessor’s office urges folks to make requests as soon as possible so the office can have time to fully weigh the information.

Values are adjusted every four years, and reassessment notices were mailed out last month. If an owner disagrees with the valuation, there are appeals.

First, he or she can ask for an informal review by the county. That’s the deadline which comes this week.

An owner can make a formal appeal to the Metro Board of Equalization. The deadline for that is June 19 – a crucial date because an owner can appeal to the state board only after making a local appeal. You don’t have to ask for an informal review to later file a formal appeal, but it is encouraged.

“It’s good if they can because a lot of issues get resolved at an informal level,” said George Rooker, Davidson County’s property assessor.

So far, the number of informal reviews is typical, a little more than 6,000 early last week. But more are being filed and handled online rather than by a telephone call or in person as in years past.

Online is convenient, Rooker said, for the property owner and his staff alike.

What is relevant?

What information is relevant to an adjustment?

Discrepancy about the physical characteristics: The square footage or year of construction is in error, or there are three bathrooms listed when the house only has two.

Condition: Rooker said assessors look at a property’s exterior, so if the interior condition is poor, that can be considered. “Some of the best info is photos,” Rooker said, but his office will also consider contractors’ estimates for repairs or engineering reports detailing foundation problems.

Comparable sales: Owners can also cite what similar houses nearby have sold for recently. But the values are as of Jan. 1, so 2009 sales will have limited relevance.

You can’t challenge an appraisal based on the percentage increase, Rooker said. “Just because there was an average increase in your neighborhood doesn’t mean that will be the same for your individual property,” Rooker said.

The first decisions will be mailed late this week. “Our goal is to have all decisions by May 22 and mailed out by May 29,” Rooker said.

HOW TO FILE: Taxpayers may request a review by phoning the Call Center on weekdays between 8:15 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 615-862-6059 or by requesting it online at