Icon Developer Sued by Several Condo Buyers

This article entitled “Some buyers sue to get out of condo deals” appeared in the Tennessean on March the 18th, 2009. The author is Naomi Snyder who can be reached at 615-259-8284:

Now that many condo developers are finishing up work on their buildings downtown, buyers are seeking relief from the courts to get out of buying them.

Several Nashville-area residents filed a lawsuit Thursday in Davidson County Chancery Court against the developers of the 22-story Icon in the Gulch, saying the developers violated the terms of their purchase contracts and federal law.

The plaintiffs, Franke Elliott, David Haley, Scott Williams, Terry Miller and Deborah Williams, are seeking to cancel their contracts and get their earnest money returned, plus punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. Read the full story about the Icon developer sued by several condo buyers.

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