Belle Meade

belle meade real estate homesThe veritable crown jewel of Middle Tennessee, Belle Meade is the address of Nashville’s high society. From the Brass equine statues that greetyou at the entrance to Bella Meade’s opulent, tree-lined boulevard, to the surrounding pillared mansions, Belle Meade is a name synonymous with prestige and privilege. Long-standing family names from the 19th century still reside here including Harding, Cheatham, Clements, Dobson, Page, Chickering, Vaughn, Ewing, Perry, and Bradford.

Property values continue to increase as residents regularly expand, upgrade, and improve upon their estates and homes. Due to these factors and Belle Meade’s long-standing prestige, a scarce amount of land is left for development. This community is certainly the quintessence of upscale living amongst even the upper crust in Nashville.

Belle Meade has a dedicated police force that takes care of its residents in a great way. The local city hall remains a mark of the distinction and stability found throughout. As an integral part of Nashville’s Music City, Bella Meade is brimming with vibrant social life. In 2003, the average home in Belle Meade sold for about $698,000. A good number homes in Belle Meade are regarded as estates. In 2002, 16 new homes were built with an average price of $613,000.

There’s rarely a dull moment in Belle Meade, where residents can take great delight in the local activities and attractions. Revolving art exhibits at Cheekwood mansion and gardens, provided the only haven for art-hungry Nashvillians before the construction of Frist Center for the Visual Arts. Outdoors enthusiasts enjoy the forested hills and lush, green fields Warner Parks. Local boutiques are ideal for window-shopping and spending splurges alike, and hobbyists have scaled the aisles of Phillips Toy Mart for years.

Notable Belle Meade Developments and Addresses

Belle Meade Boulevard
Belle Meade Court
Belle Meade Terrace
Belle Meade Tower

Belle Meade Community Statistics

Population: 2,974
Land area: 3.1 square miles
Median resident age: 43.2 years
Median household income: $144,720 (2000)
Median house value: $743,500 (2000)

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