Forbes Ranks Nashville #3 City of the Future

Luxury houses for Sale in FranklinRecently, Forbes Magazine ran an article identifying their picks for the 40 US cities of the future. Quite a few indicators and factors were taken into account such as education levels, employable workforce, average salaries, cost of living, tax structure, general growth (population and corporate), business friendliness and so on. For those of you who live in Nashville, it should be no surprise that we rank 3rd in the country. For those of you who do not live here, yeah, it’s really that good.

Many of my clients are relocating executives and celebrities who have not spent much time in Nashville prior to their relocation. What never ceases to amaze me is their initial belief that Nashville is just going to be a stop on the corporate ladder or perhaps, a second home that will rarely be used. Very few think of Nashville as a potential home base…in the beginning. But, once you spend a little time in Nashville, it grows and grows on you until your are enveloped by the friendliest sense of home. I speak from experience as it happened to me.

As many of you know, I was born in Pittsburgh and moved throughout my childhood with corporate ladder climbing stops that included Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Paris among others. It was not until 8th Grade that my parents moved to Nashville and it was also not until then that I had a place I could really call home. There is just something about this progressive city in the South that completely intrigues me and captures my attention. It has grown during a recession, it has a Democratic mayor with Republican tendencies, it has a diverse and friendly population with a willingness to help, it has family values without being close minded, and it has an unmistakable sense of optimism. Nashville makes you feel like you can succeed and gives you the tools and environment to get there.

I understand that some of you will read the preceding paragraph with skepticism and are most likely thinking that this real estate broker is pandering to you in order to sell more real estate. I assure you, I am not.

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