So what do hurricanes and mortgage rates in Nashville have in common? At first glance not a darn thing, but if you look at the history of destructive hurricanes in the United States and mortgage rates, they are actually very copacetic. In fact, in every case when a hurricane category 2 or higher has made land fall in the past 30 years; except for one, mortgages have fallen or stabilized for 2 consecutive months.

Now is actually an incredible time to purchase a home in Nashville for 2 reasons. 1) Mortgage rates are at a one year low, and 2) Homes have actually sat on the market longer than usual due to the start of the school year. Combine these two factors and you can actually purchase a home for less than you could 6 months ago once you factor in appreciation and the tax implications!

When buying or selling a home in the Nashville market, be sure you use a Nashville Realtor who is ranked in the top 10% of Realtors nationwide, be sure to use The Remarkable Homes Team! We have saved our clients over $7,000 per transaction so far this year!!

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