Nashville Energy Efficiency and Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important ways to save energy in your home in Nashville. According to the Department of Energy, 50% to 70% of the energy used in the average American home goes toward heating and cooling. Properly installed insulation keeps your house more comfortable, saves energy & money, and cuts down on noise from outside.

The U.S. Dept. of Energy says you should consider insulating your home if:

· You are uncomfortably cold in the winter or hot during the summer – adding insulation can create a more uniform temperature inside your house.
· Your energy bills are high. Typically, more than half your energy costs are for heating and cooling your home. By adding insulation, you can lower your energy bills. In a nationwide survey of building improvements, adding ceiling insulation reduced heating bills by 10-20%
· You are building an addition, or installing new siding or roofing. It’s easier and cheaper to install insulation now than to add it later.
· You have an older home and haven’t added insulation. In a recent survey, only 20% of homes built before 1980 were well insulated.
· You are bothered by noise from outside. Insulation can help to muffle sounds from outdoors.

If you are not sure if your home has an insulation problem, contact a certified home inspector in Nashville for a professional opinion.

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