Nashville February Home Prices and Sales Data

Nashville home prices and sales data

There were 1,892 residential closings in February 2008 as opposed to 2,575 in February 2007. Of those 1,892 closings, 1,488 were single family homes, 256 were condos, 121 were land, and 27 were multifamily.

As of the end of February, there were a total of 22,473 properties on the market as opposed to 17,824 in 2007. Of those 22,473 properties, 14,344 were single family homes, 5,375 were land, 2,374 were condos, and 380 were multifamily.

Inventory has increased fairly significantly due to the sub prime financial mess and there are many meaningful choices for buyers. More importantly, there are very few foreclosures, pointing towards a healthy market that has backed off of 2007 highs, the second best year in Nashville real estate history.

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