Houses are selling like crazy! My most recent listing in Brentwood was only on the market for 3 days and the owners sold for $4,000 more than asking price!! It is my opinion that the market will only get hotter as June turns to July and only begin to slow back down towards the middle or end of August when school is back in session. My other listings have also been shown more times that I can count, it seems like everyone is relocating to Middle Tennessee! A quick glance at Nashville’s unemployment rate (or lack thereof) helps explain this great housing market as well as the fact that Nashville is again in Relocation magazine’s top 20 places to live.

So, what does this mean for buyers? It means that there is big competition out there and you better be walking around with a pre-approval letter from your bank or lending institution 😉 Looking for a place to get very competitive home loan quotes or a mortgage rate quotes? Check out our Nashville home loans and mortgage partner at Countrywide. Countrywide Home Loans is America’s #1 Lender and Melissa Boudreaux will take complete care of your needs.

So, what if you are selling your home right now? First off, congratulations, you are selling at one of the most profitable times in Tennessee history. But, be careful, don’t sell your house short! You need to get current comps and recent CMAs for your home before you set an asking price…don’t even think about basing the price off of your tax assessment…they are way too low right now.

What if you are selling Nashville commercial real estate? While our commercial market has not caught up to our residential market, it is still a good time to 1031 or 1033 your property into a better income producing property. You will need the expertise of our commercial real estate agents to help guide you to the most successful and profitable solutions.

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