As most of you know, the Nashville real estate market is very hot right now with very few exceptions. Almost all of our current listings have sold in record time and at record prices. There have even been situations were buyers have been in a bidding war just to get a shot at a home in Brentwood! So the question becomes, “How do I find out about properties before they get to the point where there is a bidding war?” The answer is that you need to find out about a property right when it goes on the market, walk through it quickly, and if you like it, make an offer early.

We offer one of the best tools to search the entire Nashville MLS. This free tool allows you to not only search the actual MLS, but also let’s you set up an auto search that will check the MLS every morning to see if any new properties have come on the market that meet your criteria. If one does, it emails the listing to you immediately. You can then simply email it to us and we will run all of the comps to instantly let you know if the property is under priced, priced at market value, or over priced. We pride ourselves on offering you the best Real Estate Services available!

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