Pictures of Velocity in the Gulch in Nashville

the velocity in the gulch

The entrance to the Velocity condos is located on the Pine Street side of the building. This side of the building is currently 95 percent complete and looks quite modern.
The main lobby in the Velocity is not the largest lobby in downtown, but it might be the most interesting. There are a variety of materials used as well as patterns and colors. You can see the computer screen in the middle of the room, this is Velocity’s online concierge that is available when the onsite concierge is not. There will only be a live onsite concierge on duty during normal business hours.

The hallways of Velocity feature many modern works of art and other architecturally interesting items to jazz things up a little. The building is certainly not a plain apartment-like structure.

This is the elevator lobby on the 5th floor on the back side of the building. Directly behind me is the entrance to the sky lounge that features panoramic views of the Nashville skyline.
The gym at the Velocity is the only gym in a downtown condo building that really feels like a high end fitness center. The space is cavernous and is filled with nice equipment. This picture only shows about half of the gum’s equipment.
This is the downtown Nashville view from the sky lounge on the 5th floor at the Velocity in the Gulch. The Cummings Station building is the red brick building in the foreground.
The sky lounge on the roof at Velocity. There is a good amount of seating available as well as a very cool outdoor fireplace. The space could be a little larger for the building’s size, but it’s a nice touch since there is not a pool.
Here is a western view of the interior courtyard in Velocity. I was really happy to see that the developers spent a little extra scratch to plant more mature trees.
This is an exterior view of the Velocity on the Pine Street side of the building. This paver roundabout is the resident drop-off driveway. I have not seen it at night, but I suspect that the lighting out here is very interesting.
This is another view of the interior courtyard in the Velocity. The fountain is actually quite large and is lit in several places creating very cool effects. There are a few different seating areas available as well as resident only entrances to 3 different retail spaces. No word yet on who the retail tenants are going to be, but rumors speculate on a trendy clothing store, a grocery store (Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods) and a deli.