Short Term Rental Acronyms

short term rental acronymsAs the market for Nashville short term rental properties grows so do the short term rental acronyms we use to describe those properties. It’s not uncommon for me to send the following text message to a fellow agent: “Do you have a NOO STR coming in GT with a possible DADU for a 1031 client coming next month? This means that I’m looking for a non-owner occupied eligible short term rental in Germantown with a possible detached accessory dwelling unit for a client who has a 1031 tax exchange they’d like to use to purchase the property. It good to keep up with these acronyms and I’ll add to this list as more acronyms become part of our everyday lexicon.

Commonly Used Short Term Rental Acronyms

STR: Short term rental
STRP: Short term rental permit
STR PM: Short term rental property manager (management)
NOO: Non-owner occupied also not-owner occupied
OO: Owner occupied
PUD: Planned unit development
HPR: Horizontal Property Regime
DADU: Detached accessory dwelling unit
Z: Zoning of the property
1031: 1031 tax exchange
DD: Due diligence
EM: Earnest money aka Trust money

I maintain a comprehensive list of short term rentals for sale, most of which, are NOO STRs for investors.

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