Downtown Nashville

WSJ Reports Slowing Mortgage Delinquencies
“The subprime mortgage market still is getting worse each month, but there are some indications that the massive problem of borrowers falling behind on their loans may be moderating.Data provided...
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New Proposed Hotel for Downtown Nashville
From the Nashville City Paper Today:"Denver-based Sage Hospitality today unveiled the new design for the proposed hotel along Lower Broadway after having filed with the Metro Planning Commission an amendment...
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Leipers Fork Estate Home Foreclosures
Recently a local bank has foreclosed on two $1+ million estate homes in the Leipers Fork area of Franklin, TN 37064. For those of you not familiar with Leipers Fork,...
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Philosophically, Where is the Nashville Market?
There is no doubt that the Nashville real estate market has slowed, but it is not for the same reasons as many other major American markets. Nashville is one of...
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The Icon In The Gulch – Nashville, TN
There is a new massive 400+ unit condo building rising from the ground in the area of Nashville know as "The Gulch" that might become the symbol of national real...
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Signature Tower Luxury Condo Update
Giarratana Development’s Signature Tower is not the latest casualty of the subprime financial market debacle, but for the first time I have to admit that the March 31st deadline looms...
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