The Encore Condos

Buying a Condo in the Encore Condos?
If you are thinking about buying a condo in the Encore condos building in the SoBro area of Nashville, you need to speak with me now. If you are buying...
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Downtown Nashville Condos Sold in 2009
This article entitled “Adelicia closing on final units, garners national attention” appeared in the Nashville Business Journal on April the 3rd, 2009. Jenny Burns wrote:"The luxury condominium tower Adelicia will...
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Downtown Nashville Condo Update
This article entitled “Condos face crucial test” appeared in the Nashville Business Journal on March the 6th, 2009. The author is Turner Hutchens who can be reached at 615-846-4254:More than...
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The Encore Discounts Condos, Deeply
I suppose I knew it was inevitable, but somehow it still hurts. Developer Tony Giarratana has announced deep discounts on their remaining condos in the Encore.From Chas Sisk and the...
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Property Management for The Encore Condos
I just wanted to remind everyone that I have negotiated a bulk management discount with Summit Property Management to manage our group’s condos at the Encore. Summit will be charging...
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Financing the Encore Condos for Self-Employed Buyers
For self-employed borrowers, SunTrust has an option that will help meet the need to obtain financing without having to go full documentation in The Encore. I would like to introduce...
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