Williamson County Real Estate

Whetstone Subdivision in Brentwood Foreclosed
A Brentwood housing development with million-dollar homes, Whetstone, is in foreclosure.Developers say this is the first major development in Brentwood to go into foreclosure...read the rest of the Brentwood Whetstone...
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Williamson County Homes Inventory
In a recent article, the Tennessean reported the following market absorption rates for homes in Williamson County:"In Williamson County, the $1 million-and-up price range had enough inventory to last 30.9...
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Laurel Cove Golf Course Now in Limbo
With the collapse of Wall Street giant Lehman Brothers, so may one of Williamson County’s largest residential projects. The Laurel Cove project is a 1,120 acre, 800 luxury home, Greg...
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