Buying a Condo in the Encore Condos?

encore condos nashvilleIf you are thinking about buying a condo in the Encore condos building in the SoBro area of Nashville, you need to speak with me now. If you are buying a condo or loft in any building in downtown Nashville, call me now.
Buying a condo in downtown Nashville can be a good investment if negotiated correctly.
You do not want to be the person who paid $139,885 more for the exact same 2 bedroom floor plan than the person 3 floors below you. This is a real example. This actually happened and I have the data to prove it. I will make sure that you are the person who paid $139,885 less.
Just like with the Icon, I am one of the extremely rare people who has collected all of the closing data for the entire project and inserted that information into a graphic spreadsheet. I then ran a price regression analysis that accurately calculates probable condo prices. My spreadsheet shows you exactly what has closed at which price and when. This is invaluable information that you need in order to make an educated offer in this project. There is no better negotiating tool than this information, period.
According to my data, as of July 7th 2009 73% of the Encore building had closed with the greatest percentage being on the Cumberland River side of the building. This means that you have the best opportunity to steal a condo on the downtown urban view side of the building, the best side of the building in my opinion. There are a greater number and percentage of 1 bedroom condos still available in the building and the latest closings show that some low ball offers are being accepted.
What’s next?
In order to protect the integrity of this research I will not email you this spreadsheet, you must meet me in person in order to review this information. I am a licensed real estate agent, therefore, if you are currently working with a buyer’s agent, I will not be able to assist you unless you can sign a buyer’s agency agreement with me. If you are only working with a representative from the Encore, there is not a conflict of interest and you should have an agent solely representing you interests (representation will not affect the price). If you have a pre-construction contract on a condo and you did not sign an exclusive buyer’s agency agreement with your agent, you may switch, however, that is a decision that you must make. It is NOT my intention to separate anyone from their current or past agents. It is my intention to provide the highest quality buyer’s representation in this project. As a real estate agent who has been quoted more than 25 times in the Tennessean, City Paper and Nashville Business Journal, I am confident that I can provide you with insight and guidance you cannot find elsewhere.
Are you also considering buying a condo in the Icon in the Gulch? I have collected the same information and performed the same analysis in this building as well.
Contact Grant Hammond to make sure you negotiate the best deal: email is usually best however, you can always call my cell 615-945-7123.