Tearing Up Nashville Condo Contracts
This article entitled “News Analysis: Tearing up condo contracts over a 40-year-old law” appeared in the Nashville Post on March the 18th, 2009. The author is Kyle Wenson:Inside the contentious...
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Icon Developer Sued by Several Condo Buyers
This article entitled “Some buyers sue to get out of condo deals” appeared in the Tennessean on March the 18th, 2009. The author is Naomi Snyder who can be reached...
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The Terrazzo is Sued, ILSFDA Cited
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Appearing in the Nashville City Paper on Monday, March 9, 2009 12:00 AM by: E. Thomas Wood, Kyle Swenson and Walker Duncan:Robert Elliott v. 12th & Division Properties LLC d/b/a...
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